"Belt and Road" International Champion Class Program Admission Brochure

Admission Brochure for the “Belt and Road International Champion Class Program at Beijing Sport University (2020)

I. About the program

Beijing Sport University (BSU) has been approved by the Ministry of Education since 2003 to offer postgraduate programs for Olympic champions and world champions and coaches to be exempted from entrance examinations and study for their masters degree in sports science. Over the past 16 years since the BSU Graduate School launched the program, it has been well-received and enabled many of them to receive higher education, while drawing much public attention. Considering the reality of the Champion Class students, BSU makes a special curriculum and cultivation scheme that involves varied teaching arrangements (e.g. online courses and smaller class size), flexible schooling length, complete credit system and internationally oriented studies.

II. Prospective students and Length of Program

The Champion Class is 2-year program and plans to reach out beyond China in admission to serve both China and the world Prospective students are foreign athletes or coaches who have won a championship in single or group events in Olympic Games, World Championship or World Cup.

III. Majors


Research direction

Physical Education

Sport Coaching Theories and Methodology

Sport Coaching

Exercise Theories and Methodology

Sport Coaching

Physical Training

Athletic Capacity Assessment and Training

Physical Therapy

Contest Organization

Management of Sport Event and Industry

Social Exercise Guidance

Theories and Methodologies of Leisure Sport Social Exercise

Journalism and Communication

Sport Journalism

Sport Marketing and Communucation

Sport Audio-Visual Communication

Sport New Media

IV. Cultivating modes

(I) Degree programs

Students are supposed to study the courses in the first year and begin required practice and scientific research and complete academic dissertations (graduation project) since the second year.

Students will obtain a masters diploma and degree certificate issued by the Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republic of China after meeting the graduation requirements.

(II) Non-degree programs

A range of teaching methods will be adopted and students may come to BSU for short-term study, exchange and training. Based on students’ sport specialty, the program will offer individualized short-term training plans via BSUs existing bilingual and all-English courses .

Students will obtain a course-completion certificate issued by BSU after completing the courses and reaching the program requirements.

V. Curriculum arrangement

In terms of the cultivating modes, the Champion Class gears itself to international talent cultivation requirements, follows the laws of higher education, and integrates theoretical learning with social practice based on sports specialties to set up an international academic exchange and practice platform.

Courses are planned to include degree courses, optional courses and practice courses.

(I) Degree courses

Prospective professional fields for students in the Champion Class: sports training, organization of competition, social sports guidance, physical education teaching and sports rehabilitation. Students may also select their major and area of study according to their individual situation and are allowed to change according to the actual situation during cultivation process.

(II) Optional courses

Optional courses of the Champion Class are planned to be offered based on BSUs bilingual and all-English courses or the multilingual courses of the School of International Sports Organizations.

(III) Practice courses

Students can participate in practical activities during their study at school, including but not limited to sports training, competitions, organizations of competitions, scientific and technological service, academic activities, speeches and teaching and coaching assistants. In the meantime, international sports organizations and excellent athletes from various countries can also be invited to our university to help carry out the practice courses and offer creative ideas through our high-quality international cooperation platform.

VI. Faculty

In terms of faculty, the Champion Class program will make use of BSUs internal and external strengths and invite personages in international sports organizations, renowned experts introduced from foreign countries and domestic top experts and professors to improve our talent cultivation modes and build an all-round educational quality guarantee system for the Champion Class.

VII. How to apply

1. Application ways:

Online application, video interview with experts and merit-based admission

Application website: admission.bsu.edu.cn

2. Eligibility

Applicants shall be foreign citizens under 40 years old and have attained a degree certificate equivalent to Chinese bachelors degree.

VIII. Grants

There is a policy guarantee to attract champions from countries along the Belt and Road route to study at BSU and guarantee the sustainable development of the Champion Class. In addition to the exemption of tuition and accommodation expenses, students can also get living allowance during their study at BSU for 3000 yuan.

IX. Application time

Applicants shall submit applications via BSU’s website for admission http://admission.bsu.edu.cn no later than June 30, 2020.Welcome to contact us by email:bsulb@bsu.edu.cn .

X. Admission

The admission result will be sent to applicants via e-mail in early July every year. Admitted students will receive BSUs Admission Letter and Form JW202 in early August every year.